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Phoebe Angeni

On Ithaca: 'A goddess... astounding depth of insight and pure talent.'

          Originally from San Francisco, Phoebe Angeni is an emerging, critically acclaimed international artist. Angeni trained intensively at both RADA in London and at the Stella Adler Studio in New York, simultaneously graduating from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, with a 2.1 BA Honours and dissertation Performing the Divine Feminine: Women, Theatre, and Social Change.

          Angeni is most known for her renditions of fiercely feminist characters. The energy she brings to the room is professional, wholehearted, rebellious, whimsical, powerful and kind. She is passionate about experimental and boundary-pushing material, especially in classical, epic, fantasy, and dramatic genres.


          Angeni frequently creates work that seeks to explore and address contemporary socio-political issues through a mythological lens. Her latest piece, Ithaca, an autobiographical adaptation of Homer's Odyssey, received five star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe, praise from Lyn Gardner, and featured two weeks running in Scotland's national newspaper, The Scotsman. For more information please Click Here.  

 A textbook workaholic, Angeni values her collaborations and contributions on both sides of the curtain. Her most recent credits include Assistant Director of Sleeping Beauty at the Presidio Theatre, and Director/Line Producer of Presidio Theatre's short holiday performance at the San Francisco Symphony (Deck the Hall).

          Angeni is also a poet. Her debut collection of 99 poems, Longitudes & Latitudes, was published in March 8, 2023 with Gatekeeper Press. Longitudes & Latitudes highlights nature and relationships through its irreverently playful and experimental style, witchy feminist energy, and literary-fourth-wall-breaking intimacy.

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