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Post-Show Talks

      Friendly, informal chats elaborating on Ithaca, my personal story, and providing broader education/resources on important social issues discussed in the show. 

      *10% of ticket sales from EdFringe 2021 were donated between Women's Aid and The Loveland Foundation to support their phenomenal work.

Please Click Here for an Introductory Note on Ithaca

Ithaca © 2021 Phoebe Angeni

Post-Show Talk 1: Fat Phobia and Bullying 

- Experiences as a Small Fat 

          - Fatness Spectrum 

          - Bullying at School, the Hate Club

          - Bullying from Bio-Dad (see Talk 2) 

          - Fear Tactics from Physicians 

- Negative Self Image and 'Dieting'

          - Disordered Behaviours 

          - Breakthrough: Intuitive Eating, HAES

          - Me Today - Self Love and Classy Nudes

- Facts and Resources

          - Appreciation for Sofie Hagen and Sabrina Strings

          - Health and Fatness, Fat Phobia and Racism 

          - Moral(s) of the Story 

          - Books and Creators I Recommend (in Description) 

Click Here for my thoughts on Fat Phobia and Classical Feminism via the Systemic Stage Podcast

Post-Show Talk 2: Domestic Harassment/Abuse

- Experiences 

          - People aren't villains - don't give them that power 

          - Personal Impact of Domestic Harassment 

          - External Responses - Antagonism and Invisibility 

          - Process of getting a lifetime restraining order

          - Me Today - Free! 

- Facts (via Women's Aid) 

          - Overview of Domestic Abuse and Harassment 

          - DA and Women, BIPOC, LGBT+ 

- Moral of the Story and Resources

          - Encouragement for Survivors

          - Advice for Supporters 

          - List of organisations in US and UK that educate on DA,

             support survivors, and provide resources (See 


Post-Show Talk 3: Mental Health and Chronic Illness

- Mental Health  

          - Anxiety and Depression (De-stigmatise!)  

          - Wow I Love Therapy 

          - Mind and Body Connection - Yoga and Meditation 

- Chronic Illness 

          - Fat Phobia and Misdiagnosis, Process of Diagnosis

          - Hypercortisolemia (via PTSD) 

          - Autoimmune Thyroid Condition and Life Adaptations

          - Integrative Medicine

- Facts and Moral(s) of the Story 

          - Brief Statistics on Mental Health (Corona Edition, via

             Mental Health America) 

          - Encouragement for Agency in Care, Self Care of Mind

             and Body 


- Resources for Mental Health (See Description)

          - Mental Health Organisations

          - My Favourite Online Yoga and Meditations,

             Books I Love

          - Therapies that have helped me

Post-Show Talk 4: Defining Home - Immigration and Representation in the Entertainment Industry

- Introducing The Home Office and ICE: Gods of Our Age

- Experiences: Immigration

          - Definitions of Home: America and UK

          - The Home Office and UK Immigration 

               - As an International Student, as an Emerging Artist 

          - The Bigger Picture of Immigration

               - Global Refugee Crisis, Immigrant Legal Resource

                  (USA), DACA information in description

- Experiences: Representation in Entertainment

          - A (Brief) History of Playing Boys and Old Ladies 

          - Gatekeeping/Exclusivity in the

             Entertainment Industry 

          - Industry? Under-funding & Elitism in Drama Schools

          - Call for a New Age of Incidental Fat Heroines

- Takeaways and Thank You for Watching           

          - Important Further Questions for Society 

          - Fuck the Haters, Support Fellow Artists, Love Your

             Friends, and Create Your Vision 

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