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Ithaca in The Scotsman

Scotland's National Newspaper


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'Angeni makes her heroic journey in style, and with a humour and poetry - both verbal and visual - as moving and courageous as it is impressive.'

**** Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

'It's not just a technical achievement... it's a bit of a tour de force...

Angeni takes trauma and transforms it.'

- Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor

'A deeply experimental piece... small screen drama on a large scale... one of the strongest digital fringe shows this year.'

***** Louise Penn, LouReviews

'Intimate yet epic, Angeni's riveting performance plumbs societal demons and scales personal triumphs, seamlessly blending reality and fantasy, ancient and contemporary.'

***** - Fringebiscuit 

'Interesting social commentary permeates an otherwise mystical narrative... the sound effects and music are quite brilliant... a highly experimental piece of theatre.'

**** - Chris Omaweng, London Theatre 1

'In the very strong hold of the gods she was played about as a rag doll... forthcoming as a goddess herself... astounding depth of insight and pure talent'

- Daniel Donnelly, Mumble Theatre

'Eccentric - Irreverent - Ingenious

a play full of hope, nuance, and technical skill.'

**** - EdFringeReview

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